An institution founded on sound Christian principle is doubtless a place of learning where love to God and man propels everyone on the path to academic excellence. Eber is such an institution.

Led by Mrs. Michelle Ramson, it is given positive, 21st century leadership characterized by first world methodology. Eber is a vibrant organization, teaming with activities that educate and excite the learner at every stage of development from Pre -school to Grade 6. A feeling of love and care pervade the atmosphere from the entrance and permeate the entire compound. The beautifully laid out grounds speak to a master organizer whose constantly active mind, ever produces initiatives to move a step ahead of conventional ways and practices. The offerings at Eber are numerous both curricular and co-curricular. Teachers keep abreast by attending every possible training session and sensitization seminar put on by the Ministry of Education. This has to be so, as Eber’s motto is “Educating Young Minds for Better Vision”. In addition to the regular contact hours, students are given early work from 7:30 to 8:30 am. This involves a critical thinking task aligned to the National Standard Curriculum and the Primary Exit Profile. After school extra lessons, weekend classes, special tutoring and provision of specialists are also added to enrich and assist students’ needs. An active Parent Teachers’ Association does much to harness the talents and abilities of parents to strengthen the institution. Everything about Eber indicate that it is an institution destined for greatness. To be part of this is an honour.

Come and join us.